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At Forbes Dog Training, we stand out among dog trainers. Our commitment to results is unwavering, setting us apart from the rest.

We always come to you and we provide 1-to-1 dog training and ongoing support for a range of different training needs and behaviour modification requirements. All of our sessions are tailored to match exactly what you are looking for from training. Our sessions last 90 minutes and we normally start at your home, although we also provide pack walks and group dog training in Salisbury and surrounding areas.


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A Collaborative Approach to Dog Training

At Forbes Dog Training, we view training as a partnership – involving you, your dog(s), and us. Collectively, we bring diverse skills to the table, forming a powerhouse team capable of achieving remarkable outcomes. Our primary goal is to train you in effectively training your dog. This approach is proven to yield long-lasting results. Beginning training at your home, where most interactions with your dog take place, sets a solid foundation for success. Just as a sturdy building requires strong foundations, effective dog training relies on establishing the fundamentals early.

Empowerment at Your Pace

Our transparency shines through in our approach. We won't prescribe a predetermined number of sessions, because every dog is different, and every owner has distinct objectives. Instead, we put the power in your hands. You decide when to continue with our guidance, and when you feel equipped to continue training independently.

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Why Choose Forbes Dog Training?

We understand that each dog is unique, and that's why our approach stands out. As professional pet dog trainers in Salisbury, we consistently achieve results that leave both owners and dogs more than satisfied.

During the first session we will assess your dog, listen to what you are looking for from training, advise you on the way forward, begin training your dog and leave you with some exercises to practice too as homework.

90-minute dog training sessions

Unlike trainers who offer fixed packages, we recognise that each dog and owner has unique needs. Our sessions, spanning 90 minutes, are designed to address your specific training goals. Whether you're dealing with unwanted behaviours, seeking obedience training, or aiming for more advanced training, our training approach is tailored to suit your requirements.


Serving Marlborough and Beyond

While our home base is in Salisbury, our services extend far and wide, including Marlborough, where we are normally, once per week. We're dedicated to serving a range of locations, ensuring that our proven dog training solutions are accessible to dog owners in various communities.


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