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 Are you struggling with your dogs behaviour?  Are you frustrated with a lack of success in your training?  Does nothing seem to work?  Have you tried other dog trainers or Behaviourists?  Welcome to the family business of Forbes Dog Training, professional pet dog trainers in Salisbury that consistently get results.  This is what sets us apart from most other dog trainers. Capable of training any dog, any breed, any size, we don't turn anyone away! With thousands of satisfied customers, and perfect 5 Star reviews on Facebook and Google, we have established a superb reputation, helping dog owners to control their dogs' behaviour. We carry out dog training in Salisbury and the surrounding area. 


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We train you to train your dogs

We normally come to you and we provide 1-to-1 dog training and ongoing support for a range of different training needs and behaviour modification requirements. All of our sessions are tailored to match exactly what you are looking for from training. Our sessions last 90 minutes and we normally start at your home, although we also provide pack walks and group dog training in Salisbury and surrounding areas.

During the first session we will assess your dog, listen to what you are looking for from training, advise you on the way forward, begin training your dog and leave you with some exercises to practice too as homework.

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Behaviour Modification

Dog training is a skill, learned from hands-on experience. With this in mind, we will give you the practical hands-on training and guidance to teach your dog how to behave well.   We will show you how to interact with your dog to build a successful relationship with them. Every dog and every owner is different, so with this in mind, each training session and each approach is different too. We will help you overcome any of your dog's problematic behaviours, enabling you to live with them more harmoniously.

Behaviour Modification

Dog lead training in Salisbury


Foundation Work

We believe that a reliable dog requires very good and solid foundations in their training. Just like a building, without it, everything crumbles to the ground. Solid foundations make training much easier and is basically teaching your dog to listen to you. Foundation training once learnt needs to be maintained to ensure training remains easy. All of our training incorporates some foundation training.

Foundation Training





We bring the dog training classroom to the comfort of your home. 

This is our starting point and we progress from there.  bearing in mind that most interactions with your dogs are at home, its important therefore that we get this bit right from the very beginning.  Like a building without solid foundations, it becomes unstable and eventually collapses, dog training is similar in that it is very important to get the foundations in place early.



Training that works for you

We also wont try to sell you a set number of sessions before we even meet you or your dog.  We never know how long the training will take because every dog is different and every owner wants different things.  Therefore we leave that decision entirely in your hands to decide how long you want our help for.  As soon as you feel you have enough knowledge and skills to continue the training on your own, you just stop taking sessions.





Why come to Forbes Dog Training?

  • Over 40 years of experience of dog training in Salisbury between us.
  • Results - see our reviews and videos on Facebook, of our success stories. We demonstrate our results!
  • We come to you. We will bring the canine classroom to the comfort of your home.
  • We won't let you down.  Our reputation is our guarantee.




Where we operate

Based just outside Salisbury, we cover Amesbury, Marlborough, Andover, Winchester, Trowbridge, Tidworth, Devizes, Warminster, Pewsey, Netheravon, Upavon, Shrewton, and Larkhill.  We also travel further, there is an added charge to cover time and fuel costs.


We normally come to you, and we'll help you adopt the best practices for training your dog in your own home environment. In this way, your dog will be used to your commands, and be comfortable modifying their behaviour with your authority. Whilst we can and do perform training outdoors too, we find the results are limited and slower without the foundational work indoors first. The team consists of your dog, our coaching, and your presence and participation in the training. Our aim is to train you to train your dog.

We come to you! Contact us to book your dog training sessions with Forbes.

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Highly recommend Forbes dog training. I had tried other dog trainers in the past for our GSD none of which I felt were on the same wavelength or very proactive, but Steve's approach is positive clear and simple and it's easy to see he has a knowledge and understanding for our four legged friends. We were recommended Forbes dog training word of mouth, I'm very grateful for the friend who pointed us in the right direction and hopefully this recommendation can do the same for someone else.

Amber Jones




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