Dog behaviour modification

We offer a Behaviour Modification programme, to help you deal with any unwanted behaviours.  We will often be able to help you by using desensitization or counter conditioning techniques. We can help with any unwanted behaviours and typically work with; reactivity, resource guarding, separation anxiety, lead pulling, jumping up, and aggression issues. The training is tailored entirely on you and your dog's needs.  

REACTIVITY - Is the behaviour we get asked to help with the most.  Depending on the root cause of the reactivity, we have a system to help with this very common behaviour problem.




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Dog behaviour specialists

We are pet dog trainers who specialise in dog behaviour modification. We prefer to call ourselves Behaviour Modification Experts, rather than call ourselves Behavourists. This is because it is so easy to get 'qualified', as a Behavourist and we see a lot of clients who have been to a Behaviourists before coming to us. Most of these Behaviourists were not able to help our clients in any meaningful way. Their methods tend to be advisory in nature without any practical guidance.  We are different and therefore we don't want to fall under that same umbrella, because that term of ‘Behaviourist' has been undermined by the poor quality of training they tend to deliver.




A practical approach to dog behaviour

To be able to deal with unwanted behaviours effectively takes knowhow, skill and experience of dealing with it. It is one thing having knowledge, it is quite another to be able to implement that knowledge practically. Dog training and behaviour modification is a skill, learnt through hands on experience.  All dogs are different and every training plan needs to be tailored to the individual dog. Behaviour modification does not work well with a, 'one size fits all', style of dog training.

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Video call dog training

For clients too far away to receive 1-to-1 training, we provide one hour video training sessions, to help you get the very best out of your dog. These consultations are there to provide practical skills and training on how to train your dog’s obedience and behaviour, so that you can follow our instructions, and modify any behaviour patterns that may be problematic.

If you wish to receive our expert guidance, and are too far away for practical travel, this is both a cost-effective and dog-effective solution. We can help you train your dog in the comfort of your own home, and facilitate convenient and flexible training schedules. Get in touch with us to schedule a video call, and help your dog get on the right steps to being well behaved and loyal.






His impulse control in just one session has improved greatly......

Had my first session with Steve today. He ensures you understand why you are doing things a certain way. I did some more training this evening on my own with Teddy and he smashed his training session. His impulse control in just one session has improved greatly. His lead walking in a low distraction area was amazing. I am looking forward to my next session with Steve where we will bring in more distractions for Teddy to negotiate. Sabrina Gregory   |     |  

We recommend anyone wishing to build a good relationship with their dog or who may be struggling with certain behaviours to have a training session with Steve....

We took part in a pack-walk for the first time with our 10 month old dog. It was a very enjoyable experience and gave us an insight of the 'thinking' behind the benefits of such an activity. We went on to book a one to one training session with Steve. He arrived on time, was very informative and professional. Steve listened to us and demonstrated clearly what we needed to do with our dog to achieve the desired behaviour. Steve was realistic with us and emphasised that it was important for us to work with our dog at home and on walks using the tools he has given us. Steve has given us confidence to do this and we will be booking him for more sessions. We recommend anyone wishing to build a good relationship with their dog or who may be struggling with certain behaviours to have a training session with Steve. Valerie   |     |  

What a difference a session with Steve made! ...

What a difference a session with Steve made! He gave me guidance and tips for managing my dogs’ behaviour and on-lead walking and hopefully we are well on the way to being able to walk both the dogs together without my arms being pulled off. Guess what? It worked. Penny Harvey   |     |  

I can't quite believe what a difference one session has made....

I can't quite believe what a difference one session has made. We have tried 3 different dog trainers and had slight advances but nothing quite like this. I am blown away at how good these trainers are. Amazing at getting to the cause of the problem and they really understand any issue. Thank you so much! Alex Bascombe   |     |  

Spike is a good trainer......

Spike is a good trainer, he asks enough of the right questions to allow him to help you help your dog. He kept the session dynamic with me; reactivity training when another dog was there, other tips/training when there wasn’t. His manner is helpful and he pitches it all at the right level so you don’t feel stupid or belittled. He also trains where the problems are, at home, not in an enclosed field 50miles away, which you will struggle to get anywhere else. I went to Stockbridge with my dog and my worst nightmare occurred: 7-8 strange dogs and families with kids descending on a stream all at once; I was surprised that my dog only reacted to one dog and then after using Spike’s technique he couldn’t be bothered and was happy tail-wagging the whole time and came away from the unruly dogs when recalled. The main thing I would say is that Spike gives you the confidence to help your dog rather than ignoring the problem and fearing how others will react, this was a big plus for me. Steve Shaw   |     |  

I highly recommend Spike and his son Steve as dog trainers...

I highly recommend Spike and his son Steve as dog trainers. They have years of military experience with dogs behind them. My dog was aggressive and I thought untrainable but after 3 sessions she is a different dog. Massive relief to get the support in discussions as well. It's a firm knowledgeable approach. Now they have helped a friend with her rescued shepherd dog which is much loved but showing aggression towards strangers. Judy   |   1 Apr 2024  |  

very impressed...

Had our first session with Steve and was very impressed & absolutely the kind of training I was looking for. Helping towards Helping my xl to be less reactive whilst out & about, pulling, I also learnt a few things. can't wait to have another session we had homework set & information sent & any questions just to get in contact where they would be happy to help. highly recommend Nikki Grennel   |   23 February 2024  |