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Forbes Dog Training was created in early 2021 during the COVID crisis, because of the upturn in dog ownership at the time and the problems COVID restrictions caused for dogs. A father and son partnership near Salisbury, who share a passion (if not an obsession) for dog training. We have over 40 years of experience between us as dog behaviour specialists professionally working with and training dogs.





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How we started

During our military careers we both worked as professional security dog handlers, trainers and kennel managers. As a part of our careers we competed regularly in both military and civilian competitions for: Obedience, Agility and Bitework. After retiring from military service, we found there was a significant demand in the public sphere for dog training & behaviour specialists. We began serving the community around Salisbury for dog training, behaviour modification, and giving dog owners practical advice on working with their dogs.



 Meet the trainers

Dog trainer Steve


Steve Forbes

Steve's career with dogs started in 2006, after completing the Army dog handling course. He was employed at Netheravon as a Military Working Dog Handler with a dog called Ben, a GSD crossbreed. Steve has a natural affinity with dogs having grown up with 2 Hungarian Vizslas as family pets. He very quickly established himself in the Army as a gifted dog handler. He went on to win several awards over the following years, for Obedience, Agility and Bitework in Military Trials competitions.

In 2007 he followed up his dog handlers' course with a training course to help other handlers in his Dog Section to train their dogs in bite work. Steve's ability as a trainer was recognised outside of the Army and during his career he was often invited to assist with training by Police and Prison Service dog handlers. Unfortunately, Netheravon lost its Dog Section due to armed forces cutbacks and consequently Steve left the Army in 2018, and became a dog trainer in Salisbury with his father, Spike.


 Dog trainer Spike


 Spike Forbes

Spike's career with dogs started in 1997 after passing the Army Dog Handlers' course. He was employed as a Military Working Dog Handler at Wilton and went on to become the Kennel Manager at Netheravon.  Later in his career Spike became Platoon Commander back at Wilton, which included managing a dog section.  Spike also competed in Military Trials and had success in each of the 3 disciplines of Bite Work, Agility and Obedience.

He went on to become the principal organiser of the annual dog trials each year. Spike was a committee member of the British Police and Services Canine Association (BPSCA) for 10 years, where he represented the Army's interests within the Association. He was also a member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT) for 6 years. Spike retired from the Army in 2015 after a total of 34 years' service.




 Steve has been brilliant with us working with our mini dachshund who had become reactive with dogs and sometimes humans. We now have the tools to continue the training but the difference we have seen already is brilliant. If you are unsure (like I was) on whether to get formal training, do it! We wish we had started much earlier. Thanks again Steve.

– Beth Matthews




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