We don't offer puppy group classes. Group classes are too distracting an environment for most puppies to learn effectively, in our opinion. Our philosophy is to introduce distractions progressively as the puppy learns and becomes more proficient in training. Group classes are not the right place to begin training for a puppy.
Trying to train a puppy in a highly distracting environment like a group class does nothing except teach your puppy that it's ok to ignore you.
Puppy classes that allow interaction, are the worst possible way to ‘socialise' your puppy and causes more harm than good. At best it teaches your puppy that other dogs are more fun than you. It builds up an expectation that they get to play with every dog they see. When they can't, it can lead to frustration and then reactivity.
Our puppy sessions can be tailored to your specific needs but typically over 2 x sessions it will include all of the following:
Puppy Socialization - The right way!
Walking on lead
Crate Training
Toilet training
Setting rules and boundaries
Separation Anxiety Guide - To prevent it!
Basic commands.
Impulse control
Environmental training
Second sessions - we recommend 2nd sessions are as close to the first session as possible.
We train you to train your dog and we will teach you all the techniques needed to help you develop your puppy into becoming a well behaved, balanced dog.