Behaviour modification is the thing we deal with the most. Of all the behaviours we get asked to help with, reactivity is by far the most common problem people struggle with.
Most people who come to us have either tried to fix the problem themselves or they have been to other dog trainers, who haven't been able to help.
If you have tried on your own to fix your dogs reactive behaviour or if you've tried other dog trainers who have failed to help you, don't give up! All dog trainers are not equal!
We have become behaviour modification experts. We've had a lot of success with stopping unwanted behaviours, none more than reactivity. We have built our reputation on being able to successfully help owners overcome this problem.
If you have come to the point in your life with your dog, where enough is enough! Be assured, we can really help! We have a tried and tested system that is adaptable for every individual case, that will bring your dogs reactivity to a successful conclusion. The only thing holding your dog back is you!
If you're able to commit to the training, learn what we need to teach you and to put in the homework we set you, together as a team, we can overcome your dogs reactivity. Get in touch and ask for details about our services.