In the 2,000's we both became gripped by dog training.  We were heavily into competing in dog trails and studied the pants off every training method under the sun.

We were always trying to get an edge over our competitors in the Dog Trials and each other, at times.  We were also lucky enough to have mentors that we worked alongside that were better than us, that we could learn from on a daily basis.

This drive to be the best we could be, took us on a dog training journey.  We attended seminars, we trained with different organisations and civilian trainers, outside of our own military environment.  We travelled the length and breadth of the courntry in pursuit of a passion.  All in an attempt to learn our trade, to get ahead of our competitors and to produce the best competitive dog, as well as the best working dog, we could.

It was and still is an obsession to learn everything we can about training dogs.  We've spent thousands of pounds over the years on books, courses, seminars, DVD's, Videos, as well as attending residential training and 1 to 1 training with other trainers.  You never stop learning and dog training is continually evolving as it has always done.  Some of the things that were best practice 20 years ago are no longer.  Its important as a dog trainer that you are also a student and will always be a student, because nobody in this game knows it all!

This can be a very toxic industry, so we also try to remain neutral to negativity and don't get involved with online bickering about methods, styles and equipment.  If another trainer shows us a better way of doing something, we adopt it!  We don't have an ego that we need to protect.  We are students of dog training and always will be!

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