Training Services

Training you to train your dog


Behaviour modification

This is a bespoke session to help you deal with unwanted actions and help you teach your dog the right behaviours.  more  

Obedience training

If you want your dog to respond effectively, we will help you to train them in every aspect of their obedience.  more  

Puppy training

This is a complete package that gives your puppy the best possible start to life, and is entirely tailored to your needs.  more  

Boot camp

If you need to achieve fast results, this more intensive course is a great option for you and your dog.  more  

Training walks

We provide this service as an alternative to a dog walker. We will come to you and train your dog for you. You are welcome to join us and we encourage it so you see how its done s...  more  

Pack walks

These group walks are monthly through winter and fortnightly through summer. They are free for puppies under 6 months and £15 per dog over 6 months. They are a great way to social...  more