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Forbes Dog Training was created in early 2021 during the COVID crisis, because of the upturn in dog ownership at the time and the problems COVID restrictions caused for dogs. We are a father and son partnership near Salisbury, who share a passion (if not an obsession) for dog training. We have over 40 years of experience between us as dog behaviour specialists professionally working with and training dogs.

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Reactive dogs is the single most common reason people seek our help

We have built a reputation for being successful at treating dogs with behaviour problems and none more than reactivity.  more  

Engagement Training

Trying to train a dog that isn’t engaged and is completely distracted by the environment is impossible.  more  

Puppy Group Classes

We don’t offer puppy group classes. Group classes are too distracting an environment for most puppies to learn effectively, in our opinion. Our philosophy is to introduce distracti...  more  

Too much Freedom & Crate Training

Giving your puppy or untrained dog too much freedom, too early in their training can cause unwanted behaviours. Crate training your puppy or untrained dog is a great tool.  more  

Students of Dog Training

We will always be students of dog training because no-one will ever know it all and things evolve, so its important to keep reviewing our training methods. If someone shows us a b...  more  

Breed Fulfilment

Are you playing the right games with your dog(s)? Different dogs get more fulfilment from some activities than they do from others.  more  

Impulse Control

Most people focus on training movement; Sit, down, come, fetch etc. How many spend time on training to be still and calm?  more